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Peregrine Manufacturing, Inc.  the newest manufacturer of quality harness & container systems in the United States.  Our main product is the Glide Container.


Articulated Harness, Kush Padding, Stainless Steel, Stealth, Freefly Nub, Blaze Main Deployment Bag, Wing Suit Option, Collapsible Pilot Chute,

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Articulated Harness

Choose from standard harness, just hip articulation, just chest articulation or full articulation.  Hardware options include standard hardware, stainless steel, and black or stealth.

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Kush Padding

Our padding options include: Parapak, Cordura, Spacer Foam, Ultra Custom Diamond Quilted, and our super soft Kush Padding.

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Stealth Option

We always try to go the extra mile. Nothing different can be expected when it comes to our Stealth package. We went to the fullest extent once again….

Here is what we include in our Stealth package: Main Ring and main lift web hardware, (Base Rings, hip and chest rings), Legstrap adjusters, Chest Strap Adjusters, Main riser hardware, grommets, guide rings and soft loops, Release housings, Reserve housings, Main Pilot chute, Main Fabric (F1-11), Mesh, Support Tapes, EVEN the centerline is Black.

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Kryptek Official Partner

Peregrine Manufacturing is approved to use ALL available Kryptek patterns for our rigs.  (Specialty Fabric charge of +$100 applies). Colors currently available in Cordura 1000d are: Kryptek Typhon Kryptek Raid Kryptek Mandrake Kryptek Highlander more coming soon Kryptek Patterns https://kryptek.com/kryptek-camo-patterns