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Packing your BLAZE Quick video showing how to pack the Peregrine Mfg Inc. Semi Stowless deployment bag... The BLAZE BAG Read More "Packing your BLAZE"

3 ways to pack your Nub! Learn about our Nub Freefly main deployment handle and the 3 different ways to pack it. Read More "3 ways to pack your Nub!"


HUGE NEWS EVERYONE!! PMI has received official FAA approval for the ACE RSL system. This new MARD system is available on ALL newly built Glide... Read More "The ACE RSL"

Glide Containers Reserve Packing Tips and Tricks   Join us for an informative video where we show you how to pack the Glide container/harness system, and give some reserve packing tips... Read More "Glide Containers Reserve Packing Tips and Tricks"


Have you ever been to our manufacturing facility in Brooklyn, CT? Join us for a digital tour of the shop. As always, all of our... Read More "PMI MANUFACTURING FACILITY DIGITAL TOUR"

PMI Digital Symposium

  Just incase you guys missed it we have a week's worth of digital symposium videos up on our YouTube channel. Tune in for reserve... Read More "PMI Digital Symposium"

Kryptek Official Partner

Peregrine Manufacturing is approved to use ALL available Kryptek patterns for our rigs.  (Specialty Fabric charge of +$100 applies). Colors currently available in Cordura 1000d... Read More "Kryptek Official Partner"

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