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PMI has changed the game.  The FALKYN is here !!!!

The Falkyn platform was released for pre-sale at Invasion Boogie 2021 with our first production models hitting the sky mid-March 2022.  The Falkyn is our high end, fully loaded, high performance system geared toward safety, innovation and sport progression.

What’s Included?  Pretty much everything.

We have done our best to make the very complex ordering process as easy as possible. Your CHOICE of almost all options offered are included. With an entire candy store at your fingertips, you can design something as special and custom as your fingerprint. 😉

We do have a very short list of chargeable upgrades. Ie: Stealth package, Main Riser customizations and any custom embroidery outside of the 4 locations and logo options provided.   

 ***Ask your sales concierge for our “secret menu” items if you don’t see something you want.***

The Glide GT! 

The GT Model is only available in sizes up to LPV 193 Reserve and ZP 190 Main.

(Containers made for larger canopy combinations will be made in the standard Glide platform)

  • Refined Container Geometry
  • Thinner, Longer  and Slightly wider
  • Magnetic Riser Covers. (Glide model will permit Tuck tab or Mag RC’s)
  • Available Hip Ring Only Main Lift Web Style upgrade
  • New Hip Junction/Leg strap and 2 pc leg pad called our “SLP’s” come standard on the GT.
  • Updated GT logo set
  • Pricing for the GT is $3399.99 includes most options (see designer for available upgrades)

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