The Falkyn

The Falkyn is almost Here

It’s been almost 10 years in the making…. 

ReDefinedRedesigned and Refined.   

The Falkyn is our new, all-inclusive, top of the line sport harness/Container system.    

Open for Pre orders only.  

Our online designer will be available the 1st week in Feb 2022.  

All pre order customers will be notified of the designer availability via email.   

Delivery time will be approx 6-8 weeks from order confirmation.

There is so much to talk about there is not enough space here to do it….   so many More to details to come!!  

Please bare with us as the full Falkyn website and designer application final processes are made complete.  

Join us for our LIVE presentation and Q&A on January 31st!  Sign up here!

Email us at with any questions or help!

$500- minimum deposit (Non-Refundable)