Here at Peregrine Mfg Inc we are always breaking the mold.  We introduced our Direct to Consumer sales model in January 2019 and have been refining and growing ever since.    What does this mean?  Well, it means that while we still have a few select retailers around the world, we prefer that you come direct to us to order your new custom Glide harness/container system.   Being the designer and manufacturer, we have the ALL the answers to your questions and we put an extra effort to make your customer experience as fun and enjoyable as it should be.    You get a whole new experience when you order direct with one of our rig design consultants.    The service is free and probably the most exciting purchase experiences you can have.  We help with choosing your options as well as provide color design services.   If you are a newer jumper, (under 50 jumps) we typically contact your instructors or local DZ to verify experience as due diligence to ensure that we are providing equipment suitable for you and your skill level and future jumping plans.

We even have a full fleet of demo rigs so you can fly before you buy!

We are a dealer/retailers for all the major parachute and AAD companies so we can provide sales and continued service support for your entire system.  We have been working with all these manufactures personally for almost 20 years and can provide excellent technical information and recommendations based on our experience and wide range of industry experts.

We help you with everything from putting a complete system together using any of our supported products.   Or, just getting that new main you have been wanting or replacing that old AAD.    Whatever gear you need, you just need to give us a call or send a message and we will provide our world class service.  We have excellent pricing and have a few discount programs that may assist as well if you qualify.  Ask your design concierge about our available discount offers.

PMI has the the most experienced and knowledgable staff in the New England region when it comes to skydiving gear.   Dave Singer has been heavily involved with PIA and has almost 30 years of skydiving, rigging and manufacturing experience and has dedicated his life’s work to the industry and skydiving community.   As a company, we are constantly involved in RnD with our own products as well as other major component development projects.     In addition we have experience with just about every modern harness/container system and parachutes available today.    Both functional and technical.   And, we have a huge range of experts who we talk with regularly as to stay on top of any new events or developments with equipment.

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