Jeff Jordan

Let me just start by saying how pleased I am with my new Glide container. From the start when I first sent in my order form, Dave was very quick in responding to me and any questions I had, very professional. the turn around time from when I sent in my order was super quick, just over a month and I had my container.

This is my very first container and it is everything I could ask for, super comfortable and it looks awesome! The black hardware and black everything on this rig makes it look unique and gets a lot of wow’s from everyone who gazes upon it. I definitely recommend the stealth package if you like black. 

Lastly, I was very appreciative of the military discount that Peregrine offers. Not many in the skydiving industry do this and it is great to see such a great company offering such a great thing to service members who want to skydive. 

Big thanks to Peregrine and the truly awesome product they make. I will be telling everyone about the Glide who is in the market for a new container!