Rob Klein

I just wanted to thank you for building such an amazing product. I purchased my first rig from you, because of your description of your ACE RSL system. The way that you explained your system and how it was different from other on the market gave me 100% confidence that the ACE system was a superior design.

Well I got to test that out the other day, because I experienced a spinning malfunction. As soon as the canopy started to inflate I knew I was in for a ride. My canopy took a hard dive to the right and spun me up pretty fast. I could tell that there was no clearing this, mostly due to the fact that I was in such a violent spin.

I put both hands on my handles and cut away at the top of the spin, and arched away from the malfunction and I was under a perfectly deployed reserve. It was that fast. My first thought was man that was fast. My second thought was the opening was perfect, and 100% on heading with zero line twist. Looking back I am shocked that I had a perfect opening because I was spinning so hard. This is 100% due to all your R&D into the Ace system that you have developed. It is truly an amazing design and product.

I will not jump anything but a Glide, and thank you for your commitment to designing, developing and building a superior product.