Scott Confer

Hey Dave,
Good morning. I wanted to take a minute to say that I had an opportunity to put a few jumps on my new rig this weekend, and all I can say is WOW! Free fall was a completely new experience for me in a rig that actually fits properly, and I am so glad you talked me into getting the full articulation. The freedom of movement was amazing, like the rig wasn’t even there. Canopy time was perfectly comfortable, like sitting in my favorite chair. With the proper fit, harness input was very responsive as well. It was a completely new experience for me. The fit and finish is perfect as expected. Thank you for all your help in building it and for the super fast turnaround time.

Also, I sold the old GLIDE to a freshly licensed skydiver up in New York named Yuriy that jumps at “sky’s the limit” in PA. His instructors said it fit him like a glove and the rigger Mark, who also knows Dave Poyster very well, passed it with flying colors. Overall it was a GREAT weekend. Thanks again, and take care.

Blue skies