Hey I just packed one of your containers for the first time, it was a glide. I am a master rigger with about 10 years of experience. With all of the construction R&D and rebuild work that I have done I can see in your containers something very special. They are built with love and attention to detail. As a rigger, I enjoyed very much closing the container I see similarities to a Sun Path javelin and a upt vector. I must say that the free bag and pilot Chute design as well as construction down to every single bartak was very well placed and thought out. I inspected every reinforcement at every joint and every buffer throughout the harness. All of your tolerances and even the length of your risers are spot-on. Thank you for being a good manufacturer.

I might not work for NASA, I enjoy it when I find quality products in this sport and love to support and Rave about the small up-and-coming manufacturers. I know you guys have been around a long time making dolphins but good job keeping up with the times on your new glide container.