Stephanie Skylove

I get it, I work for PMI, so of course I love the product, right?  But let me tell you why I am here…

After leaving the sponsorship of another brand as I was displeased with their service and product, I was lead to PMI.  I had heard of Glide and noticed a few rigs but for the most part it was fairly new to me.  After speaking with several industry professionals and getting on the phone with Dave himself, I decided to make the purchase.  From the start the customer service was better than I had experienced with any other skydiving company before.  His attention to detail and extra questions and measurements gained my confidence quickly.  When I received my rig a mere 4 weeks later (rush order), I had never been in something SO fitted and SO comfortable before.  I immediately became a loyal customer.  The harness fit perfect, the container was absolutely stunning, the quality off the charts.  And that is when I took it upon myself to begin telling everyone about this brand.  The world needed to know there was a manufacturer who was still creating, improving, and attempting to push the sport past its current state and seeming technological lul within container systems.  It was not until then that I was asked to begin working for PMI.   I do so because I truly believe in this product.  I have firm confidence Dave’s continual strides to improve.  And I truly believe that is the only thing that will push our sport forward.  Constant innovation.

So, yeah.  I work here because I was convinced by the product and sold on the company.  And I want to help others have this incredible experience as well.

~Stephanie Skylove