PMI has received official FAA approval for the ACE RSL system. This new MARD system is available on ALL newly built Glide harness/container systems.

Please visit our Facebook page or YOUTUBE showing videos showing this safe, simple and highly effective MARD system in action….

The option/upgrade Price is $235.00 for new container orders.

Retrofit Option 1:

A retrofit is available for ALL previously produced Glide harness container systems by PMI. Until December 31, 2016, PMI will be performing all ACE retrofits at our factory. In January 2017, we will be selecting interested master riggers around the globe to be trained and authorized to perform the modifications to include the ACE.
This option requires the owner/rigger to send the current reserve free bag and RSL lanyard to the factory where it will be converted to the ACE RSL system and returned for installation.

Retrofit option 1 Price is $235.00 plus shipping

Retrofit Option 2:

A completely new Freebag, ACE RSL w/ ACE AIR SNARE will be sent out for installation. Please provide model size, serial number via email or at the time of ordering.

Retrofit Option 2 Price : $235 ACE option cost plus cost of new parts and shipping

See your local dealer or rigger for more information