The GT- Our improved Glide Harness and Container Design…
How improved?

Here is the skinny on the Glide GT.   For the last 50 years harness container engineers and designers have used basic 2 dimensional technology to initiate the design process of a 3 dimensional textile product that has safety and critical mechanical functions.     This design process took a lot of time due to the trial and error needed to get the final “packed” product to look and function as it should.

Today, we have advanced technology and new tools that help us design and engineer better and safer products for the industry.    Here at Peregrine Manufacturing, we have always adopted new technologies to help us product, grow with the times, and continue to revolutionize the sport.  So, we did it to the Glide.

With new and refined geometry, the container sits flatter- conforming more naturally to your body; with a longer profile allowing for a natural, more comfortable and safer reach to your PC.  The improved BOC pocket system keeps your nub tight and secure while ensuring your PC remains in place. Offering both 2 or 4 rings harness articulation options as well as single or double piece leg pads, you can customize your rig to your specific preferences and discipline needs.  Add that the ultra padded laterals , back and leg pads are already included with our kush back pad, you will never fly a more comfortable harness/container system.

MSRP: $3399
  • Type 8 Or Type 17 Main Risers With NV Toggles
  • Reserve Static Line (RSL)
  • Fit Right Soft Cutaway And Reserve Handles
  • Custom Handle Pockets
  • Reserve Pilot chute
  • Freebag And Bridle
  • Improved BOC Pocket System
  • Hand Deploy Pc With Covert Kill-Line
  • Ultra Padded Laterals
  • NUB Freefly Handle Or Hacky
  • Main Deployment Bag
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Full Articulated, 4 Ring Harness (Hip And Chest Rings) OR Lower Articulation only
  • Kush, Cordura, Or Spacer Foam Backpad/Leg Pads
  • Pinstripes
  • 3 Or 5 Stripe Midflap Design Option
  • Magnetic Riser Covers (Tuck Tabs Still Available)
  • Ballistic Main Container Corners
  • One Or Two Piece Leg Strap Design Option
  • 3 Free Logos (1 large, 2 small)
  • Freefly Nub pocket under side flap for extra PC security
  • Longer, flatter design
Upgrades (+$):
  • STEALTH Package
  • BLAZE Semi-Stowless Main Deployment Bag
  • Specialty Kryptek Fabrics (Typhon, Raid, Mandrake, Highlander)
  • Specialty Multicam Fabrics (Multicam, Multicam Black)
  • Custom Embroidery
  • Contrast Stitching
  • Split Rig Design
  • Wingsuit Option
  • Comp Swoop Risers
  • Custom Quilted Back Pad/Leg Pads